MSDS Binder

Your MSDS Binder Solution

Do you need a simple solution to the stacks of MSDS Binders?

Here is a simple approach to your problem and cheap too!

We had the same problem, stacks of MSDS Binders and the old black magic marker number scribbled across the top of the msds and then listed in an index.  Maybe, you store so many binders you have to organize them in alphabetical segments. I looked for solutions to this dusty old problem and could only find online storage at either an exorbitant yearly price or a monthly fee. Or, expensive programs that were so detailed you needed a college degree to use it. I found it much easier to design my own program. So, I laid out a few guidelines and went to work learning how to program a simple database that meet my criteria. Here is what I wanted:

  • A simple program with a low to no learning curve, remember the KISS principal, keep it simple stupid, yep that's me. I like simple!
  • The ability to do a single click report sorted for location such as divisions, departments or buildings.
  • A single click report sorted by name of chemical.
  • A single click report sorted by manufacture.
  • Ability to print a single MSDS or all MSDS in a division department or building.
  • A simple solution my clients could use.

In the process of designing the database, I stumbled on a method of storing an MSDS that I had completely overlooked and in a short time developed a method that was simple and cheap. In setting up many MSDS Binder type systems for employers and clients I found that there are two types of users. The first type of business requires environmental data that is in the MSDS data. They need a complicated database instead of a binder that will collect their usage of regulated chemicals, tally the totals and create a report. The second type simply need to store their MSDS in a binder that can be readily acquired in a manner that maintains compliance with OSHA.  If you need the the first get out your check book or purchase order and be ready for hefty price tag for all that complicated code is going to be expensive. We can help with an electronic solution to the second type for the price of a McDonald's lunch. It is the best MSDS Binder on the market and the cheapest too.


Can an MSDS Binder be stored on a computer and be in compliance with OSHA?

If the employee's work area includes the area where the MSDSs can be obtained, then maintaining MSDSs on a computer would be in compliance. If the MSDSs can be accessed only out of the employee's work area(s), then the employer would be out of compliance with paragraphs (g)(8) or (g)(9) [of the Hazard Communication Standard].